Redefining IT 2020

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Why Choose JSY Systems?

JSY Systems Sdn Bhd is a 100% locally born and brought up company focused on delivering simple IT solutions to the customers with intelligence. As a part of the JSY Group. JSY Sdn Bhd has been in business since 2003 and has been constantly redefining IT for the customers.
With our young local talents, abundance flow of energy, tech savvy brains and experienced management team, JSY is able to  bring in a best breed and mixture of experience, knowledge and energy to provide best of the best solutions with minimal deployment time to our customers at a competitive price.

JSY Offers

JSY Systems team has been expanding recently with the focus of providing state of art technologies and IR4 solutions to its customers in Brunei.

Infrastructure Modernisation

With the team of talented professionals, JSY will help you build, implement, and manage an infrastructure that supports your organisation’s applications and automated operations, with a reduced security and compliance risk, faster connectivity, and optimised spend.

Digital Solutions

We can implement, extend, enhance, integrate, and manage your enterprise applications. We help improve process efficiency and deliver better customer experiences with tailored digital commerce and mobile applications to improve your business performance.

Security Solutions

Threats continue to evolve rapidly, with new business demands that include more mobile access, more web-based applications, and hybrid IT environments. We help in implementing firewalls, data centre, server and security are all essential in protecting your business.

Consulting & Project Management

Our Project Management & Consulting Services give you world-class project delivery with a single source of accountability, communication, and escalation from experts who understand your business and technology objectives.


Our pool of local IT professionals combine sound business fundamentals with expert technical knowledge of architecture, networking, and security to assist in the implementation, management, and support of your IT projects.

Support Services

Through our client-centric, data-driven, proactive support services, allowing you to achieve higher availability, reduced operational complexity, and improve the return on your IT assets.

JSY redefines IT with Intelligence

JSY believes in keeping things simple by presenting the technology to non-technical end users. With the vast industrial experience, skills and business acumen, JSY takes the burden of implementing any mission-critical solutions for the customers. We do this in a short delivery cycle with the way the customers can use from day one. 

JSY solutions are build with intelligence by design, so the end users can have complete access on the performance at any point of time.